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Pounding, Crushing, & Pressing Required

Isn’t it interesting that the olive branch is often seen as a symbol of peace? And yet in order to get what’s most valuable from the fruit of this tree, there is a lot of pounding, crushing and pressing that is required. Those words don’t usually go hand in hand with peace.

Think of how this is so much like Jesus. He brought the world an opportunity for eternal peace. And yet, in order for Him to truly be the “light of the world,” the prophecy of his beating, death and resurrection had to be fulfilled. His greatest hardship became our greatest hope.

And when we're talking about getting oil from an olive, the same is true. The olive’s crushing produces oil for light. So, the hardest thing the olive endures actually holds the greatest potential to be light for the world.

Is there an area of your life that is pressing in on you and you wonder if anything good will ever come from it? Maybe it's a comfort to you like me, that the crushing of the olive isn’t its end. It’s actually the way to get what’s most sacred and valuable to emerge. And if we honor God in the midst of hard times, our light does indeed shine in the darkness!

Written by: Lysa Terkeurst

Photo credit: Gina Harper

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