Renovation of the BMAP Publications Building for use as the BMAP Training Facility

     Due to the circumstances of last year, we have decided to keep the same project for this year, which is Bro. Sam Freeman and the renovation of the current BMAP Publications Building. It will be remodeled to make it usable for a BMAP Missions Department Training Facility. This building will be a vital location for meetings, planning sessions, & training events for the BMA work in the Philippines.

     Last year $9,685.23 was raised for this project. To complete the renovation, more funds are still needed.

     Of course, we have the same situation with limited ways to raise money. Set aside a Sunday to encourage ladies to give. You could even have a special Sunday each quarter. Talk to the ladies in your church about giving a certain amount each month. This will definitely add up. 

     This is such a needed project. Please pray about it and give. 


Bro. Sam Freeman ~ Missionary to the Philippines

Please join us in praying for:

  • more national missionaries to be sent by the BMA of the Philippines. 

  • the upcoming Discipleship Conferences all over the Philippines.

  • our current national missionaries and mission projects being supported by the BMA of the Philippines.

  • the BMA of the Philippines to grow in fellowship and financial support from our local churches.

  • the renovation project of our Publications building; it will eventually house BMA of the Philippines Missions and the Missionary Training Center.


Making a Difference